Monday, 13 May 2013

[9] D collection display case!


Recently, when my D collection started to grow, I wasn't sure where to put all the items without them getting in the way. I wanted a place to display them, as opposed to just storing them away. 

I started looking for a display case. Most of them were too expensive or not useful for displaying CDs and DVDs. I asked my father if he could help me look for one. A few days later he said he could just make one for me instead. 

By phone we discussed what the display case should look like. The bottom shelve is for storing the releases I don't display. At the moment my posters are there, waiting to be laminated before I will put them on the wall around the display case. My collection isn't that big yet, so I can display everything I have right now.
Above that is a shelve for displaying DVD-sized releases and the four shelves above that are for CD-sized releases. On top I can display the magazines I have. Below the top, he installed two light bulbs. 

The display case was finished quickly and my father brought it on 3 May. He did an amazing job on it and I love it! The photos below contain all the items I've shown in all my previous posts. 

Tomorrow I will show a magazine that I received a week ago. 


  1. Good quality , it show dat it isn't IKEA :P

    But really nice case, nice to have a dad how would put in the time and effort to make you one.

    1. Haha :P It's probably cheaper and more durable compared to a IKEA one.

      Ya it was really nice of him that he did that for me!

    2. Not probably, definitely cheaper and more durable than one from IKEA.

      I have a white case/closet from IKEA. two actually.

      And they stand pretty firm thanks to some long screws and a rubber hammer.
      But I once made the mistake of cleaning it and I left the wet Cleaning Cloth on it. Because of the moist in the cloth a huge bump formed.

      Nog a pretty sight.

    3. Haha ya those things are designed to fall apart, aren't they? :P

      Ah really .. ? That sucks ^^"

  2. Wow! That looks really neat! :) A perfect place to keep your collection. ^-^

  3. Haha, indeed a perfect place to keep my collection :) Thank you!

  4. Oh, that's pretty cool! :D I hope that I could have this kind of place where I could keep my collection as well, but my room is too tiny of that kind of shelf so I had different shelf which is better for me :D

    1. I'm really lucky and grateful that my father made it for me. Do you also have photos from your D collection on your blog? ^^

    2. I don't have photos of my D collection here, but I have photos in my livejournal account which is friends locked. But I have listed them on here what I have now, I guess or most of them what I have, still there is few things what I don't have because they are very hard to get-->