Wednesday, 8 May 2013

[6] Increasing my collection


On the 25th of February of this year I ordered the Limited Editions, Type A, from Danzai no gunner (断罪の銃士)Tightrope and Namonaki mori no yumegatari (名もなき森の夢語り). The last one came with a limited photo with autographs from D. I wasn't sure if I would still get it, but the website confirmed that I would get the last one. I'm glad I didn't miss out on it. I received a Tsunehito, Asagi and Hiroki trading card with the releases.

Also, on the 25th of March of this year I received the Dying message ~2012 Overseas Odyssey Tour Documentary & Off-Shot DVD~. The product description didn't say anything about a postcard being included, but I got a Ruiza card nonetheless.

At this point I decided to also collect the other releases from D, not just the albums. Expect to see a big increase of my collection soon!


  1. Nice stuff you have got again ♥ Dying Message documentary DVD is just so lovely ♥

    1. Thank you again! Haha I still didn't see it though .. :P I didn't see the VAMPIRE SAGA one yet either..

    2. Ah, I see :D But you will have very nice time when you will watch them both ^^

    3. Haha I will watch them, of course! And I'm sure I will enjoy them ^^