Thursday, 9 May 2013

[7] Last haul of March

Konichiwa mina-san!

Not too long ago I ordered a package from the same seller as this one: Click!
I received it on 30 March 2013 and it contained, from the top, from left to right:

Ouka saki some ni keri (桜花咲きそめにけり) (Limited Edition)
Yume narishi kuuchuu teien (夢なりし空中庭園) (Regular Edition)
Huang di ~Yami ni umareta mukui~ (皇帝~闇に生まれた報い~) (Limited Edition A)
- CORVINUS (Limited Edition)
This release is from Asagi's solo project. Even though it's not from D, I love the song.

Taiyou wo okuru hi (太陽を葬る日) (Limited Edition)
LAST INDIES TOUR 2008 Follow me ~05.05 FINAL Akasaka BLITZ~ (赤坂 BLITZ) (Limited Edition)
Yami yori kurai doukoku no acappella to bara yori akai jounetsu no aria (闇より暗い慟哭のアカペラと薔薇より赤い情熱のアリア) (Limited Edition)

- Snow White (Limited Edition A & B)
Type B came with a Tsunehito trading card.

- Ultimate Lover
- Nyanto-shippo"De"!?
Both are fan club limited releases.

Just like last time, the seller included bonus items. This time I received 4 photo sets from 7th RoseHuang di ~Yami ni umareta mukui~ (皇帝~闇に生まれた報い~), Danzai no gunner (断罪の銃士) and Yami no kuni no Alice (闇の国のアリス).

I'm almost done showing my collection, although I will be receiving a very big package very soon!


  1. Wow! You've got limited of Follow me tour! :) I've only the regular edition but I would love to own the limited version.

    1. Ya I was lucky that I still found it! The only difference between the limited and the regular version is the sleeve though, I think.

    2. That's what i have understood too. But it would be still nice to own it though. :)

    3. Of course! We both try to collect as many as possible! ^^ Are you planning on buying something soon?

    4. Naah, I'm broke atm so sadly I have no money to spent on D. :(( Treasure Box kinda ate all my money, haha. XD

    5. I can understand that. The incoming package (Treasure Box included) ate a lot of money from me too ^_^ And I had to pay more for the Treasure Box anyway since I missed the pre-order :P

  2. Very nice stuff what you've got ^^ I would like to also find more of their photosets ♥ I'm a little bit jealous of that Dying Message photoset ;3;

    1. Thank you, again! :) I'm kinda curious as how the seller got them. It seems they are just printed by himself on photo paper.

    2. So what is reading behind them? Like behind D's photos of mostly any jrock band's photos there is fujifilm's logo back side of the photos ^^

    3. It does say Fujifilm at the back. But I'm pretty sure Fujifilm photo paper is for sale, so that doesn't say much though :P