Monday, 6 May 2013

[4] Dying message once again

Hello everyone!

After the concert in the Netherlands, a friend and I decided to go to another concert from the same tour, on the 5th of May 2012. This time we went to Muziekcafé Charlatan in Ghent, Belgium. I was, of course, wearing my Asagi cosplay. 

On our way there we picked up someone else who joined us. She was wearing a Tsunehito cosplay from Taiyou wo okuru hi (太陽を葬る日). During our trip we even practiced the dance moves with the flags for Night-ship "D"

Here is a photo from us before the concert started. At the moment, this is one of my favorite photos. 
Cosplay @ Dying message European Tour 2012 - Ghent
The comments from people on the costumes were great, and some people even took photos. There were more fans from Japan here than at the previous concert, and they totally loved the costumes.

As soon as D came on stage for the Q&A, we noticed that they were smiling and looking in our direction, recognizing us from Amsterdam, which was an awesome beginning of the concert. I also asked a question during this Q&A; "Where do you get the inspiration for your beautiful outfits?". The answer I got from Asagi was longer than I can remember, but this is the short answer: "Every time we release a new song, like Dying message, we ask our designer to create a costume that fits the song". So basically an outfit that resembles the atmosphere during the song, most likely resembling their lyrics, to some extent. 

When I asked a question at the Q&A in Amsterdam, it wasn't answered. I asked what the reason was for D to leave avex trax and return to their own indie label, God Child Records. The translator didn't translate this question and D looked a bit confused as why they didn't get to answer it. It was probably too personal to answer.

The concert itself was really amazing. The set list for this one was exactly the same as the one in Amsterdam, except they played one song less, because of time pressure. I got to hear my favorite song, Sleeper, again!

The concert hall was smaller than the one in Amsterdam, but we were standing closer to the stage. I was standing pretty much in front of Asagi, while my friends were standing to my left, in front of Tsunehito, their favorite member of the band. I was standing so close, I could literally stretch my arm and touch Asagi. Many times Asagi would reach over the crowd to touch our hands, which was amazing. The thing I remember the most of this concert was when Asagi looked me in the eye, shook my hand and nodded, as if he approved me being there, in my cosplay.

After the concert I went to the merchandise stand once again, even though I already bought a lot a few days before at the other concert. I went home with:
Huang di ~Yami ni umareta mukui~ (皇帝~闇に生まれた報い~) poster, a flag case, buttons and a photo set from Dying message.

At the previous concert, we couldn't wait outside for the band to leave, because we were travelling by public transport. If we had waited, we couldn't have returned home. This time, we went by car, so we could wait, which we did. One of the Japanese fans gave me a water bottle, which they got from Asagi during the concert. They received three in total, so they thought of giving me one too.

It took at least an hour before D came out. When they did I was standing pretty much in the back. All of the members already got into the tour van, while Asagi was standing outside. One of the Japanese girls came to me and brought me to the front, to Asagi. At first I asked if it was possible if a picture could be taken with the band and me. The manager didn't agree to this request. After that I asked if they could sign my Dying message photo set, and they could! I received an autograph from Asagi, Hide-Zou and Ruiza. I was literally standing inside the tour van to hand over the pen and photo to Hide-Zou and Ruiza. After this, the manager said they had to leave, so sadly, I didn't receive an autograph from Tsunehito and Hiroki. Asagi stepped inside of the van, and they closed the door.

We were waiting for them to leave, but they still didn't. The same Japanese girl took me along again and brought me to the other side of the van where Asagi was sitting, with his window open. Using the Japanese girl as a translator, I got to "speak" with Asagi for a bit. First I told him how I loved both of the concerts. I told him my girlfriend made my costume, and I asked him what his thoughts were on it. I also showed the back of the cape, which has the logo on it, just like Asagi's. He said it was amazing and it was pretty accurate! Lastly, I asked him if they would return for another tour. He said that I shouldn't worry, they will return. He, of course, didn't say when, and even then, he cannot really promise it. I shook his hand, and they took off to their next concert.

Thinking back on this, I could have asked Asagi to hand Tsunehito and Hiroki the photos from the set, with the pen, for them to sign. There was enough time before they left. In the end, I didn't do that, but I'm very happy that this second concert turned out to be a very memorable one.

Merchandise European Tour 2012 - Dying message
Merchandise European Tour 2012 - Dying message


  1. Sounds like a great experience.
    Meeting your Idol face to face.

    Getting recognized and complemented

    1. It indeed was a great experience, one to remember.

    2. Your probably waiting for “D” to return.
      But in the meantime is there a concert any time soon you're going to?

    3. Haha, yes I am! But they probably won't come this year. Hopefully next year.

      At the moment there isn't a concert we are sure of. Maybe we will go to Calmando Qual & Plunklock, two bands, one concert.

  2. Very nice stuff what you bought from their concert ^^ I would like to cosplay some of their costumes as well, but I'm not very good at sewing and their costumes are kinda hard to do, like I'm pretty sure that I can't find from here fabrics like what they have used in their costumes :<

  3. Thank you :) I cannot make my own costumes as well, but luckily my girlfriend can, and she is willing to do it for me. Fabric was indeed kinda hard to find. The material and props for this costume come from several countries.