Monday, 13 May 2013

[10] CURE Magazine Vol. 115


The latest addition to my collection, which I received a week ago, on May 7, is volume 115 from CURE (キュア) Magazine. This was the April issue from 2013. This edition features photos from their 10th Anniversary, wearing the outfits for the new style of Night-ship "D". The photos in the magazine are of great quality and show a lot of details, which will come in handy for future cosplays.

The website I bought it from included a few bonus items. Although not from D, free items are always nice. I received three postcards from bands soon to perform in Germany, which is where the shop is located. The bands being Satsukithe GazettE and DEATHGAZE. Furthermore, I received a 2013 calendar and a card, both with an anime style mascot from the website. The mascot was on the front of the package too.

That's my entire collection, for now. I'm expecting a huge package full with D merchandise, but it seems to be delayed. It's at customs for a week now already while it only took three days for the package to arrive from Japan in the Netherlands.


  1. I have this magazine too, it's so amazing! ♥ So we are going to see Night ship D Asagi costume from you in future? :D

    1. Haha ya it is amazing! I would also like to get my hand on a Club Zy.MAG Vol.012!

      I'm thinking about it, but it would be a very expensive one. Probably more expensive than the VAMPIRE SAGA one. And I'm not the one making it. She maybe wants to cosplay as Tsunehito from Night-ship "D".