Tuesday, 7 May 2013

[5] Japan goodies


Last year, from July to August 2012, a friend of mine went to Japan. I asked her if she could keep an eye out for Torikago goten 〜L'Oiseau bleu〜 (鳥籠御殿 〜L'Oiseau bleu〜). I missed the opportunity to get one myself. Luckily, she found the Limited Edition Type A and brought it back for me. It came with a card with the entire band on it. 

She also went to a Danzai no gunner (断罪の銃士) concert on the 28th of July 2012 in Nagoya. There she got me a photo book and a flyer.

More in my next post!


  1. Lovely stuff! :) I would love to own more photobooks too. ^-^

    1. Thank you :) I just have two now. This one and the one from VAMPIRE SAGA. I was hoping they would release one for Dying message too.

      Did you see the other Dying message post? :D It's pretty long though ^^

      I will receive a big package soon, hopefully tomorrow. If not the day after that. It weighs around 7 kilos .. lol

    2. I did see it (and read it too). Just didn't leave a comment, sorry! :)

      Oh, that a heavy package then! :D

    3. Haha alright, thank you ^^ Don't worry about that.

      Uhu ya. I didn't receive it today but I forgot that they don't deliver mail today .. lol

  2. Oh, that photobook seems so cool! ♥ I would love to own that photobook as well ;3;

  3. Ya I was really happy that she brought it back for me! :)