Thursday, 16 May 2013

[13] Bon Voyage!


Besides the Treasure Box, D also released a 10th anniversary single, called Bon Voyage!. This single was only available at their 10th Anniversary Special Premium Live "Bon Voyage!" concert at Shibuya Koukaidou on April 12 2013. Thankfully, there were a few people who put them up for auction after the concert. 

Speaking of a single only being available at a concert, I also got Mayutsuki no hitsugi (繭月の棺). This single was for sale at three concerts in November 2004 in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. There is no difference in songs between the three. The only difference is the cover, and the city name at the end of the title. I got my hands on the first version, the Tokyo one, called Mayutsuki no hitsugi ~Tokyo uka~ (繭月の棺 ~東京羽化~).

After these two orders, eight more to go.


  1. Nice stuff you have got ^^ I have also Bon Voyage and I'm very happy to get it, like I guess that this one is pretty hard to get like I haven't seen them very much on auctions site, where I bought mine as well ^^

    So, how much you have now D's CDs all in all? Like you have bought them a lot in short time ^^

  2. Thank you :) Indeed! When I bought it there were only two other auctions running for this single on Yahoo Japan Auctions. I didn't look for very long, but I don't see any for auction right now.

    Haha ya I bought a lot in the last couple of months! There are still a few CDs incoming actually. You mean just the CDs, or also the DVDs like the Follow me one?

  3. Like CDs and DVDs together ^^ I have also some CDs what I haven't yet bought, but I will buy them as soon as possible, though there is few CDs what is very hard to get like they are from their start like Alice which both of them, I guess included only Alice song if I remember right and few different CDs of New Blood.

    1. Hmm I have around 54 different releases, counting Treasure Box as 1. I do have 6 CDs twice though. Counting those would make me have over 60 :P I only have one New Blood, the Limited Edition second impact one. And yes, Alice is one of the most difficult ones. Both only have that one song. I think the limited has a DVD, not sure though. How many releases do you have? Doing a quick count on the link you gave me earlier I'd say 80+, not counting the merchandise.

      How long have you been a big fan and collecting all the releases? I really started doing it this year, I guess.