Tuesday, 25 June 2013

[22] Wanted!

Hello everyone!

My discography will have to wait, again, since I received a package today, a week after I bought it, which was sooner than expected. In this package were two items I ordered, and a few free items added by the seller. One of the ordered items is something my girlfriend bought for me as a birthday present!

The present I got is a set of five autographed posters which initially was only sold at their 10th Anniversary Special Premium Live "Bon Voyage!" concert at Shibuya Koukaidou on April 12 2013. On these posters, they are wearing their outfits from the new Night-ship"D". They are 728mm long and 515mm wide in size, which is somewhat smaller in size than A1 paper size.

While typing this post, I found out that the signed posters are still in stock at Rosen-Kranz. They still have 35 sets left, if you are interested. They don't ship overseas so you need a proxy service to buy from there, or you need a friend in Japan ^^

Also, I got the D Tour 2008 Alice in Dark edge FINAL〜LIVE ALBUM + PHOTO BOOK. This version comes with a B5-sized photobook and a desk calendar starting at April 2009 and ends at March 2010. It did surprise me that the CD isn't in a hard case, but instead it's on the last page of the photobook.

The seller, which I regularly buy items from, gave me some free items once again. She gave me three copies of club Zy.MAG Vol.013. This was the March-April issue from 2013. The ironic part is, I already bought an auction over a month ago for the same magazine. And this auction was also for three copies. So in a while, I'll have six of them...

She also gave me a photo set with the outfits from the song Barairo no Hibi (薔薇色の日々) from the album Neo culture ~Beyond the world~. Lastly, I got two different trading cards from Asagi's solo single, Corvinus. I noticed I forgot to show the trading card from the single I already own, so I added it with this picture. 

Next up, perhaps my discography?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

[21] More customs..

Konbanwa mina-san!

Today I received another package, and unfortunately, I had to pay taxes again. €20,50 this time, and again, I was falsely charged. The total value of this package was about €40,70, and it was marked as a gift. A gift package is free of charge up to €45. This time, it's about a 50% increase of the price. Since I didn't send a letter of objection yet about the previous package, I'll include this package as well, and hopefully I will get my money back for the both of them.

Again, even though I had to pay extra, I'm happy with the contents! I received the Limited Edition Type A of Akaki hitsuji ni yoru bansankai (赤き羊による晩餐会) with a Hiroki trading card. With this, I have all releases from this CD. Also I got the Regular Edition of Dying message, which is my first release from this CD. It came with a trading card of Tsunehito. I held back on buying it because I already have the USB stick from the concert. I changed my mind though, and later, I will get both Limited Editions too. Finally, I got the Limited Edition Type B of Tightrope with a Hide-Zou trading card. Now I also have all releases for this CD as well.

As of now, I have no more CDs incoming. I did order some, but they won't be shipped for at least another week or two. So I will actually get time to post something else now ^^

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

[20] I love customs! ^_^

Hello everyone!

On June 7, I received a package which I ordered a while ago. It took longer than usual to arrive compared with other packages from the same web shop. When I finally got it, I was charged an extra €20,35, which made it clear that the package was delayed because of customs, while it shouldn't even have been to customs at all. The total price of this package was €35, without shipping costs. The package was marked as a gift, which is free of tax up to €45. If the package wasn't marked as gift, the extra costs I had to pay would have been correct. Even then, €20,35 extra costs for a package which is worth €35 is an increase of about 58%, which is ridiculous. I still need to send an objection letter about this, to try to get my money back. 

Even though I had to pay extra, I'm still very happy that the package arrived safely. Since it took longer I was afraid it wouldn't arrive anymore at all. As for the contents, I received two CDs and an unrelated magazine. I got the Limited Edition of Schwarzschild and the Limited Edition Type A of Day by Day, with a trading card of all members. With these, I got all editions of both these CDs. 

For now, this is my entire collection. I have more incoming, but in the meanwhile, I'm planning on showing my cosplay in more detail, as well as updated photos from my display case. 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

[19] Last order! (Part 2/2)

Konbanwa mina-san!

This is the second and last post of the final order. This time, I will show the last seven CDs out of the 15 in total. From the top, from left to right: First off, I received the Regular Edition of Taiyou wo okuru hi (太陽を葬る日). Next is the Regular Edition of Schwarzschild, which is the second copy I got out of the same box. Snow White is the third Regular Edition I received. It came with a trading card with all members on it. 

Next two CDs are the Regular Edition and the Limited Edition Type B of Day by Day. The Limited Edition came with a Hiroki trading card. The final two for this order are the Regular Edition and the Limited Edition Type B of Yami no kuni no Alice (闇の国のアリス). This is my second copy of the Regular Edition. The Limited Edition came with a trading card with all members. 

The box is finally empty, but in the meanwhile I received another package, which I will show in the next post!

Monday, 10 June 2013

[18] Last order! (Part 1/2)

Konbanwa mina-san!

This is the last order that came out of the big package from a while back. Like I said in my previous post, it's a big one. This one has a total of 15 CDs, and believe it or not, it was the cheapest order out of all 13, at least in comparison. Without taking the special exchange rate from the proxy service into consideration, and the charged service fees, the auction for these 15 CDs ended at ¥2000, while Genetic World and The Name of the ROSE from two posts back ended at ¥2500 and ¥1000, respectively. 

In this post I will show eight out of 15 CDs. From the top, from left to right: First off, I received the Regular Edition of Kaze ga Mekuru Page (風がめくる頁). The back of the case is damaged, but I bought a new one earlier. Next up is the Regular Edition of Tightrope, which came with a trading card from Hiroki, which I already have. Next, I got another Limited Edition Type B of BIRTH. This time I got a trading card from all five members. Also, I received the Regular Edition of Yami yori kurai doukoku no acappella to bara yori akai jounetsu no aria (闇より暗い慟哭のアカペラと薔薇より赤い情熱のアリア).

Next two CDs are the Regular Edition and the Limited Edition Type B of In the name of justice. Both didn't come with a trading card. The final two for this part are the Regular Edition and the Limited Edition Type B of Akaki hitsuji ni yoru bansankai (赤き羊による晩餐会). They both came with a trading card, one with all members, and the other one with Hide-Zou.

Next post, the last seven CDs from this last order!

PS: I'm more than willing to trade the Hiroki trading card with someone. It is a trading card after all ^^ Preferably for another one from Tightrope. Just leave me a message if you are interested! 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

[17] BIRTH

Hello everyone! 

Today, two more orders out of the big package. The first one consists of the Limited Edition Type A of BIRTH. Sadly, no trading card was included with this one. 

The second order consists of two CDs. The first one is the Limited Edition Type B of BIRTH, which came with a trading card of Ruiza. The seller also added 5 photos from all members, as a bonus. The second CD is the Limited Edition Type B of Danzai no gunner (断罪の銃士), which also didn't come with a trading card. It's too bad some sellers keep the trading card when they sell their CDs. 

Even though I have both limited editions of BIRTH right now, I still don't own the regular edition. I ordered it a while ago, but the shop cancelled it because they couldn't get it in stock anymore. If everything goes right, I will still receive it in a while though, from another seller. 

There is only one more order left, and it's a big one. 

Saturday, 8 June 2013

[16] New Blood


The first order contains two items. The Regular Edition of The Name of the ROSE and the Limited Edition of NEW BLOOD ~second impact~. This version was only released 5000 times. I'm very happy I found it and it was the biggest reason for buying this order, although I'm also happy with the Regular Edition of The Name of the ROSE. This version was released after Tsunehito joined the band and it includes remastered tracks with re-recorded bass tracks by Tsunehito. It also comes with three bonus tracks which were released on earlier singles. 

Next up are two orders, both consisting of only one CD each. I received the Limited Edition Type B of The Name of the ROSE and Genetic World. The last one came with a Ruiza trading card. 

Only 3 more orders to go after these. 

Friday, 7 June 2013

[15] Photo collection

Hello everyone!

It has been a while, but here is another order from the big treasure box I received a while ago. This time there are no CDs or DVDs, but a collection of photos. 

When I unpacked this order from the box, I noticed that one of the photos was bent in the corner. I managed to bend it back without leaving a big crease, but sadly, it is still visible. This could have been easily prevented if it had been packaged better. The CDs and DVDs where packaged just fine though. 

From the top, from left to right: I received three photos from BIRTH. Two of them have the same image, but one of them is in a sepia tone and has an autograph from Asagi on it. I'm not really certain if this autograph is printed or handwritten. I also got three from Yami no kuni no Alice (闇の国のアリス). Two of them have the same image. The only difference between the two is that one of them has the Avex Trax logo on the front while the other has it on the back. 

The big image from Tightrope in the middle is the one which was bent in the bottom left corner. On this image are some messages and autographs from all five members. This has been printed on the image. The next one from Day by Day also has printed messages and autographs on it. 

The last two photos on the bottom are from a photo shoot in CURE (キュア) Magazine Vol. 33. This was the June issue from 2006. I'm not sure if these outfits were used in a music video, but I don't think they are. If they are, please tell me, because I don't recognize them. 
14-09-13: They are from the Regular Edition of Yume narishi kuuchuu teien (夢なりし空中庭園).

I also received a pen, a set of chopsticks and the pendant from the Official Fan Club, Ultimate Lover. The last thing from this order is a D logo pendant. 

Six more orders left. More than halfway done!