Sunday, 9 June 2013

[17] BIRTH

Hello everyone! 

Today, two more orders out of the big package. The first one consists of the Limited Edition Type A of BIRTH. Sadly, no trading card was included with this one. 

The second order consists of two CDs. The first one is the Limited Edition Type B of BIRTH, which came with a trading card of Ruiza. The seller also added 5 photos from all members, as a bonus. The second CD is the Limited Edition Type B of Danzai no gunner (断罪の銃士), which also didn't come with a trading card. It's too bad some sellers keep the trading card when they sell their CDs. 

Even though I have both limited editions of BIRTH right now, I still don't own the regular edition. I ordered it a while ago, but the shop cancelled it because they couldn't get it in stock anymore. If everything goes right, I will still receive it in a while though, from another seller. 

There is only one more order left, and it's a big one. 


  1. Nice bonus! :)
    Hope you'll get the regular edition as well. I'll keep fingers crossed for you! :)

    1. Ya it's pretty cool :) Makes up for the missing trading cards haha.
      I guess I will get it sooner or later. Weird that I'm having more troubles getting the regular edition than I had with the limited editions ^^"

    2. Yeah. I love photosets and trading cards. I wish it would be easier to get them! :D
      Oh, I bought the regular edition first and then the limited ones, haha. :D (Btw, you should check out my Livejournal if you wanna see my current collection! :DDD)

    3. Haha ya, it's pretty hard to get them. And like we said before, it sucks that some sellers keep the trading cards when selling the CD.
      Well haha, I've started to seriously collect their CDs/DVDs this year and I've been a fan for like 2 years now. BIRTH was released a few years before that. Alright, will do!! You received anything lately? ^^

    4. Luckily the old releases can be found from auction site still. :)
      No, I'm waiting to hear more info about D's upcoming single so I know how much money I need to save for that. :( But I took a picture of my cds and counted them all! :D

    5. Ya, I'm happy for that! Most of my releases come from auctions, like this entire box xD
      Ahh alright, I'll go and look at your collection! :)
      New single? Was there any information about that?

    6. Yes! D will release new single called "Rosenstrauss" in August. That's the only info that has been given yet so we have to wait for more details. :B

    7. Alright cool! Where do you get your info, since the site I get my info from didn't talk about that single yet.
      Based on the last 2 singles, Danzai no Gunner and Dying message from CDJapan, it will cost like this:
      Rosenstrauss Limited A: ¥1800
      Rosenstrauss Limited B: ¥1600
      Rosenstrauss Regular : ¥1200

      Shouldn't be that much different. Starting from now, I'll probably end up buying all three version.

    8. Probably something around those prices. (Unless D going to major has some kinda affect on the prices. :S)

      I probably buy only A and B type. Not sure if I'll have money for all three. .__.

    9. I don't think the fact that they are going major again will change the price, at least not much. Day by Day was also when they at a major label, avex trax, and the prices were the same. The regular edition was even cheaper, being ¥1000.

      Haha well that's up to you. I of course don't know your income and outcome, but for ¥1000-¥1200 more, I'll take the regular as well. ¥1200 is about €9,30 anyway.

      But, where did you read about Rosenstrauss?

    10. True. But now they have new label. But I don't think it will have a big difference in the prices. :B

      From their OHP! It's in the news section. ^^

      (Btw, I'm not sure if you were able to comment on my livejournal entries before but I changed a couple of settings just in case. So hopefully you'll be able to read my blog there and maybe even comment.)

    11. Haha ya that's true. We will see ^^ Can't wait for the new single now!

      What does OHP mean? :P I looked at the news section at their official site and indeed, it's there xD In Japanese though, but ya.

      Hmm I'm not sure if I could comment before, but we will see if I can. I will comment when I see it!

    12. Me either, haha!
      OHP is just short for Official Home Page. :)

      Okey! I hope my settings are right. ^^

  2. Nice stuff you have got again ^^ And it's very nice bonus to get those Birth costume photos :3 I hope you will get soon your regular version of the Birth CD as well, like you have now these two limited editions which are usually harder to get than regular editions :D

    1. Thanks again ^^ Ya that's always nice, getting a bonus. Makes up for the missing trading cards xD Ya it seems I'm having a tough time getting the regular edition haha. I will get it though!