Tuesday, 25 June 2013

[22] Wanted!

Hello everyone!

My discography will have to wait, again, since I received a package today, a week after I bought it, which was sooner than expected. In this package were two items I ordered, and a few free items added by the seller. One of the ordered items is something my girlfriend bought for me as a birthday present!

The present I got is a set of five autographed posters which initially was only sold at their 10th Anniversary Special Premium Live "Bon Voyage!" concert at Shibuya Koukaidou on April 12 2013. On these posters, they are wearing their outfits from the new Night-ship"D". They are 728mm long and 515mm wide in size, which is somewhat smaller in size than A1 paper size.

While typing this post, I found out that the signed posters are still in stock at Rosen-Kranz. They still have 35 sets left, if you are interested. They don't ship overseas so you need a proxy service to buy from there, or you need a friend in Japan ^^

Also, I got the D Tour 2008 Alice in Dark edge FINAL〜LIVE ALBUM + PHOTO BOOK. This version comes with a B5-sized photobook and a desk calendar starting at April 2009 and ends at March 2010. It did surprise me that the CD isn't in a hard case, but instead it's on the last page of the photobook.

The seller, which I regularly buy items from, gave me some free items once again. She gave me three copies of club Zy.MAG Vol.013. This was the March-April issue from 2013. The ironic part is, I already bought an auction over a month ago for the same magazine. And this auction was also for three copies. So in a while, I'll have six of them...

She also gave me a photo set with the outfits from the song Barairo no Hibi (薔薇色の日々) from the album Neo culture ~Beyond the world~. Lastly, I got two different trading cards from Asagi's solo single, Corvinus. I noticed I forgot to show the trading card from the single I already own, so I added it with this picture. 

Next up, perhaps my discography?


  1. You have got nice stuff! ♥ I have also those posters, they are lovely and very huge, haha :D Barairo no Hibi's photoset it also very nice~

    1. Thank you!! :) I was pretty lucky to find them. Too bad I didn't know they were for sale at Rosen-Kranz though. Ya! I didn't think they were from Barairo no Hibi at first, since I didn't recognize the cup/grail thing Asagi is holding. Although there weren't much more options since they have blue eyes in this one :P

    2. Yeah, they are there too, and that's the place where I bought mine ^^ Haha, yeah, Asagi has nearly never blue contact lenses like he usually use red ones :D But thoe blue contact lenses looks good on him, he should wear them more often ^^

    3. Haha I got them on eBay... What sites do you follow to know of all items and releases D puts out? I would like to know so I won't miss anything!!

      And yeah, I agree. I do like the blue lenses as well. The blue eyes look good on everyone ^^

    4. I check their official site and also FB sites where they usually upload things ^^ I also read their ameblo site where each members write time by time :D Even Asagi and Ruiza are the most active there than other members, but also Hide-Zou, Tsune and Hiroki writes there ^^

      Yes, blue eyes are very beautiful and I have always wanted blue eyes instead of my brown eyes, so only way to get blue eyes for me is use contact lenses XD But it's alright and also nice change to change your eye colors just adding contacts on :D

    5. Do you mean this Ameblo site: http://ameblo.jp/official-d/ ?

      Haha I have blue-ish kinda eyes as a natural color. I do have red contacts for Asagi though :P

    6. Yes, that's their site on ameblo ^^

    7. Alright, thanks :) Can you give me a few links to the websites you look at regularly for D news? :)

    8. Sure ^^

      Here is D's official page -->

      Here is couple of FB pages-->

    9. Thank you for those ^^ I'll be sure to keep facebook open more often just for those. Don't use it for anything else ^_^

      I also found this one, is that any good:

      I really suck at Facebook.