Thursday, 25 July 2013

[30] July isn't over...


Like I said in my previous post, I received several packages yesterday, so my July loot posts aren't over! I'll start by showing this first package.

I received the Limited Edition Type A of In the name of justice which came with a Ruiza sticker. This is the first sticker I got from this release as both other versions didn't come with one. The second CD in this package is the Limited Edition of Kaze ga Mekuru Page (風がめくる頁). It didn't came with a trading card, although it's new, so I guess this release didn't include a trading card altogether.

Right now, when looking at my (D)iscography, I only need two more releases to have all the Maxi-singles. I still need the Regular Edition of Dearest you, which shouldn't be much of a problem. The other one is Type B of Torikago goten 〜L'Oiseau bleu〜 (鳥籠御殿 〜L'Oiseau bleu〜), which could be a little harder to obtain. Recently I missed my chance to win an auction for it.

Aside from the other package and envelop I still need to post, there is another package on its way. It should arrive within 2 days. If not, I expect to receive it on Monday, which is still July! ^^

More tomorrow!


  1. Nice stuff~ How much you have still left? o.o I haven't kept count of your stuff what you have already XD

    1. Haha thanks! :) As of my last post, I have one more package to show which will take a few posts.. :P