Thursday, 18 July 2013

[26] 10 Days


A while ago, D had ten concerts in a row, starting at May 1 2013 till May 10 2013. All ten concerts were held at the Takadanobaba AREA (高田馬場AREA) in Tokyo. The tour was called "D 10th Anniversary Special Premium Live Takadanobaba AREA 10Days".

The first five days were each produced by a different band member. The first day was produced by Hiroki and he named the concert "Infinite power". The second day, Tsunehito produced the concert, which was called "Rumble of the core". The third day was produced by Hide-Zou. His concert was called "限界ギリギリ、武突恥義理!?~全國の兄貴達と姐御達による大集会~", which kind of translates to "Stretched thin, unexpected shame for a warlike with the sense of honor!? ~Big brother and sisters from the entire country, join the great assembly~". The fourth day was produced by Ruiza. He called his concert "Black beauty ~全員最後まで吠えなさい!~" which pretty much means "Bleack beauty ~Everyone, please bark until the end!~". The final day was done by Asagi and he called it "L'amour de Vampire II".

The last five days had a different theme for each concert where they played a specific album. They were called "Album day". In order, they played "The name of the ROSE", "Tafel Anatomie", "Neo culture ~Beyond the world~", "Genetic World" and "7th Rose" on the last day.

A friend of mine was in Japan at the time of the concerts and she went to the second one, which was produced by Tsunehito, her favorite band member. Just like the last time she went to Japan, she brought me something. This time, she bought a Bon Voyage muffler towel at the concert. She didn't have time to come and visit me when she came back to the Netherlands, so instead she mailed me the towel. I received it last week, on Wednesday.

The translation for Hide-Zou was translated with assistance of Sakiyo from the D International Fanclub Facebook page. If you know a better translation, please let me know.


  1. Your friend was very kinds to bring you something from there :3 I would love to be there too on that time and go to see D's lives ;3; Someday I will and go to see D in Japan for sure! ♥

    1. She is indeed very kind! She is in Japan again right now and she is always willing to help me find stuff for my collection! Same for me, I'd love to see them live in Japan one day!

      Another topic, do you know about the DVDs for the making of for some albums? Like the one for 7th Rose and Der König der Dunkelheit? I know they exist :P

    2. Unfortunately I don't know where those could find, like I haven't see them anywhere ever :/ And I guess that they are kinda hard to find. So I guess that we just have to wait if some of the japanese fans will someday put them on sale on somewhere...

    3. I haven't seen them anywhere either yet.. It does seem they are really hard to find. I guess I will need to rip them from Youtube for the time being I guess ^_^