Wednesday, 24 July 2013

[29] July loot (2/2?)

Good evening everyone!

Here is the rest of the package that I received yesterday! I got the Limited Edition Type A of Yami no kuni no Alice (闇の国のアリス) which came with a Tsunehito trading card and a post card with all members. I also got the Regular Edition of NEW BLOOD ~second impact~. Now the only version I want to find is the First Press of NEW BLOOD to have all three versions!

In the second picture is the Limited Edition Type B of Neo culture ~Beyond the world~ and the Regular Edition of BIRTH which, believe it or not, was the hardest to find out of all three versions. I ordered this release before but it was cancelled. I'm glad I finally got it now. It came with a trading card with all members.

Lastly, I received three copies of club Zy.MAG Vol.013. This was the March-April issue from 2013. I received three copies of the same magazine before as a gift from a seller. I didn't know this, and before I received the previous three, I already ordered these ones. So now I have six of them.

It seems I have more July loot to post than I expected, since I received two more packages today, plus a small envelop. More in the next post!


  1. You have got nice stuff again :3

    1. Thank you! :) I'm going to make another post right now ^^