Tuesday, 23 July 2013

[28] July loot (1/2)


Today, I received a package with several items! It came with eight CDs/DVDs and three magazines. I'll show four of them today and I'll try to post the rest tomorrow.

The first one is Ultimate lover, a single which was distributed at Shibuya Public Hall on December 6 2006. I received a second copy of the Limited Edition of Tafel Anatomie and I also managed to find the Limited Edition of Yume narishi kuuchuu teien (夢なりし空中庭園), which was only released 5000 times. The last one for this post is a DVD called Dearest you TOUR 2007 Nagoya Shi Geijutsu Souzou Center (Dearest you TOUR 2007 名古屋市芸術創造センター) which includes the making of for the Dearest you music video. There are two other versions from this DVD. While the one I got is from Nagoya, there also is one from Tokyo and one from Osaka.

I forgot to mention this in my (D)iscography post, but I'll update it whenever I receive new releases.

Tomorrow, the rest of this package!


  1. Nice stuff again :3 Your collection grown again with a few items ^^b

    1. Thank you! Ya with 3 items with this post. Tafel Anatomie doesn't count :P The rest of this package will be posted today and I even received 2 more packages an hour ago ... cannot keep up xD