Tuesday, 6 August 2013

[34] It keeps coming...

Good morning!

It's 2:00 AM in the morning right now, and I decided to make a post which shows the rest of the ordered items which came in the package together with Alice which I received a while ago. My collection keeps growing fast!

First, the ONE MAN TOUR 2007 Neo culture TOUR FINAL 8.25 (sat) Hibiya Yagai Dai Ongakudou (日比谷野外大音楽堂) DVD. On this release are the making-ofs for Ouka saki some ni keri (桜花咲きそめにけり) and Schwarzschild. The second one is Shiroi Yoru (白い夜). This single was distributed at SHIBUYA O-EAST on the 17th of February 2005.

As for the last two CDs in this post, I got the Regular Edition of Genetic world which came with an Asagi trading card and a Genetic world Jishuban Club (自主盤倶楽部) DVD. With this release I have all three versions from Genetic world. I also got a second copy of the Limited Edition Type A of Day by Day. It came with a Hide-Zou trading card.

The last few photos show some other goodies. I received the Official Bath Salts from The name of the ROSE. In this box are 5 sachets with bath salts, although I'm not planning on using them anyway, even if we had a bathtub. It also came with a trading card from Schwarzschild.

The last two photos show two postcard sets. The first one is from Taiyou wo okuru hi (太陽を葬る日) and the second one from The Name of the ROSE. I'm really happy that I won the auction for these two sets, since the second set has autographs on the postcards and it happens to be from one of my favorite songs, Sleeper.

In my next post I'll show a few gifts I received from the seller which came with the package. I'll also show my first loot from this month in another post!


  1. Your collection is really growing fast! :D But I'm happy that you got again a few more CDs to your collection ^^

    1. Ya it is! :) Sooner or later it has to stop since there won't be much I still need for my collection xD And thank you! Of course I'm glad with the CDs, but I'm very happy with the signed Sleeper set!