Sunday, 28 April 2013

[2] Beginning of a collection


Continuing from my last post, a week after the concert, I started collecting the albums from D. I wasn't planning on buying the singles back then, as most of the main songs from the singles are released on the albums as well. Since then, however, I changed my mind, and I'm trying to collect as many releases from D as I can! 

The package I received, on the 20th of June 2011, contained a VAMPIRE SAGA Promotional poster and 6 albums. 

The albums I received are, from the top, from left to right:
The Name of the ROSE (Limited Edition A) 
This edition comes with the PV from Sleeper. This song is one of my favorites!
Tafel Anatomie (Limited Edition Reservation) 
- Neo culture ~Beyond the world~ (Limited Edition A) 
- Genetic world (Limited Edition A) 
7th Rose (Limited Edition A) 
I received an Asagi trading card with this one.
VAMPIRE SAGA (Limited Edition B) 
This one came with a card with the entire band.

I also received the regular edition from Yami no kuni no Alice (闇の国のアリス) and a card set from Ouka saki some ni keri (桜花咲きそめにけり) for free as a bonus from the seller. 

More next time!

VAMPIRE SAGA Promotional poster
The 6 albums, with trading cards
Bonus items!


  1. You got Yami no kuni no Alice for free? That's super cool and generous of the seller!! :)

    1. Ya he did put that in for free! I'm sure you recognize the seller based on the cards I got :P I ordered a big package from the same seller again recently and I got something again. No CD this time though. You'll see when I blog about it!

    2. I did recognize indeed, haha. :D But that was very nice of the seller. ^^

    3. It was indeed! It's was a nice bonus to start my collection with ^^

  2. Nice stuff ^^ I have the same Ouka Saki Some ni Keri photoset like you have :3

    1. Thank you ^^ Ah really? Did you also buy from eBay perhaps? :P

    2. Yes, I have bought there few of my D cds :D But I also use japanese action sites to get their cd's like they are there usually much more cheaper than in eBay ^^

    3. I also bought on Yahoo Japan Auctions, like the latest huge package I got. Which proxy service do you use to buy from Japanese sites? I don't know if they are a lot cheaper, if any at all. The fees the proxies ask are pretty high too.